I made a Blog... Again

marnel toerien - claire thomson photography

Yeah… again.


I initially (after a brief blog career of 2 minutes) decided to stop writing because I felt I was becoming negative. Or maybe I didn’t have anything to say anymore.

When or if you decide to keep reading please note the following and consider this a disclaimer:

1.) I love my job. Yes, to the degree that I am writing this while I’m supposed to be resting. At least I’m in bed.

2.) When I'm writing about experiences is does not mean I’m ungrateful - nor am I pointing to a person in particular. However, I am or rather have experienced... things...which is not to say that they’re negative to the point of crushing me but I’ll get to that.

3.) At least I can do this for a living. But as with every career there will be experiences and people that rain on your parade and there will be people that in one second remind you how amazing and effing awesome this job is.

4.) There might be light swearing involved sometimes. You were warned. Jammer Tannies!


SO… that being said what will I blog about?

Makeup tutorials? BAHAHAHAHA NO. There are literally 2 million+ videos on YouTube on how to do a smokey eye. You don’t need my take on it.

Makeup videos for fun? Maybe, I’ll see how I feel and how many innocents I can come to sit for makeup

Glam-Masters-whatever-it’s-called challenges? Maybe, don’t know.

Instagram trend looks? F*** no. I get it, the makeup LOOK looks cool. Do I as a makeup artist think it’s cool… not necessarily. I think most of what we see is the blue eye-shadow of the 80’s. I can go into a whole article (hey, heey) about Instagram. Not the bloody algorithms because I don’t think the internet-gods even know what’s happening there.

I'm not doing a fitness blog, or food blog, or parental blog, nor a fashion blog or lifestyle Feng-shui blog so if you're looking for some enlightenment you're on the wrong site I think. I'll leave that to people who run, who cook great food (send me some!), those who have kids, those who have fashion sense and those who know what Feng shui is.

What do people want to know from me then you might ask? Well, how to do their makeup without feeling like a clown, or a drag-queen (R.E.S.P.E.C.T) bit actual nice, do-able makeup.

Yeah, your makeup will always look amazing if you only show how you do it on yourself (yes makeup influencers I'm looking right at you) but I want to show something… better? More? Something that’s not Instagram-perfect. Something you can relate to. Something real.

That’s what I want to write about. And occasionally show you what fun I get to have on the job.