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  • Send me a mail with your wedding date, amount of people (bride, 4 x bridesmaids & MOB) and location to check availability. Feel free to include reference pictures of looks/styles you love...not sure, check out my portfolio and save a few pics.
  • I send you a quote
  • Confirm your acceptance of the quote in writing on an email
  • Pay booking fee. Pay, and the date is yours. Easy peasy.


  • The trial is only done within the month before the wedding. Trust me, you will change your mind if you do it a year in advance.
  • Want to test me out first? Email me with a request for a trial.

For your convenience, here is a booking form to quickly fill in! Or, scroll down to our FAQs!

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Why airbrush? Why not airbrush? It looks great, it feels great, and it does not move. Airbrushing was something I wanted to try and after starting I loved the dewy, natural glowing look it created. Different artists choose different methods and this is the one that I enjoy working with! Also, no complaints from brides ;)

What products do you use? Do you use MAC? Among other products, yes. All products used are professional quality and a variety of factors are considered that will suit YOUR skin, YOUR complexion and YOUR concerns. If you want a "natural" look then I will not cake your face in a thick, stage like foundation. To answer more specifically I love Bobbie Brown, Temptu and MUD airbrush products, Inglot, Chanel, Dior, Sephora and the list goes on...actually the list is here on my ABOUT page.

I want to look natural like Kim Kardashian. So not a lot of make up please...and it should therefore be cheaper. Guurrl, you must be joking. That flawless skin, perfect highlighter, matte nude lip and pale beige eyes are by far not natural and takes an incredible amount of skill and product knowledge to get Mrs KW looking that way. 

I'm getting married in location X; do you travel for weddings? Absolutely! I come to your venue, whether it's around the corner, in Knysna or in Namibia. Even better if you want me to come to Europe or Zanzibar, count me in!

Do you only do weddings? Nope, but weddings are my big thing. I do makeup and hair for personal shoots as well as editorial work and permanent makeup/microblading.

I have a big bridal party, do you do everything yourself? No, I get an assistant for 5 or more people. 

Hmm, that's about it for frequently asked questions but maybe read the next advice section:

  • If you go from black hair to blond hair your hair will be damaged. Like, seriously damaged. Therefore, any heat application techniques like flat ironing or curling could cause even more damage to your hair. We need to talk about treatments and consequences before we carry on. Seriously, over bleached hair can turn sunshine yellow under heated tongs.
  • I know you want to look your best but my dear, good skin starts from the inside out. The preparations like a good skin care routine, proper moisturiser and enough water is so important. I know you know you've heard this message countless times from anyone that's given you a facial or even just sold you a skin care product. 'Tis because it's true. If you're not sure where to start, ask and I'll advise.
  • Your wedding is not the time to start experimenting with different hairstyles...if you don't like the new style then we cannot Johnson & Johnson it with "No more tears"...that style will have to grow out or go through so many treatments to get it half decent again. For example: Do not perm your hair a few months/weeks before the wedding because you want curly hair on your wedding day. That is why we are professionals and we make that freakin' curl stick until the following morning.